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Preparing For Your Recording Session Recording your music should be exciting and fun. The following guidelines are designed to help you get the most out of your recording session. These are merely suggestions and many of these steps will seem obvious, however, I mention them based on experience.

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Top 12 vocal recording tips

1) Arrive for the session on time – make sure you get every minute you pay for.

2) Show up for the session well-rested.

3) Dress in comfortable and quiet clothes and remove any noisy jewelry. The microphones are very sensitive. You have to need some looking gorgeous and suitable microphones for your beloved recording studio. so, This article can help you to choose the best recording microphone for your recording studio.

4) Know which songs you want to record and preferably the order in which you want to record them.

5) Make sure the songs are well-rehearsed. The more rehearsal time you put in before the recording the faster the recording session will go.

6) Use a metronome or drum machine when practicing your songs.

7) Make sure your instruments are in good condition.

8) Guitar and bass players should put on new strings at least 3 days before the session to break them in. Get rid of fret buzzes; maybe have your guitar setup by a professional. Use high-quality effects boxes. A noisy effects box will result in a noisy recording. Check your tuning constantly during the recording session.

9) Drummers should have new drum heads and have the drums professionally tuned. Make sure there are no squeaks or rattles coming from your kit.

10) Horns and other instruments – If you are reading music have it photocopied so that you won’t have to turn pages. The microphones will pick up the page turns.

11) Vocalists should have lyric sheets unless you know the music extremely well. Don’t drink caffeine or alcohol during recording. They are hard on the vocal chords.

12) Keep people away from the session that may distract from the task at hand.

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