How to Consider while Choosing a Midi Controller Keyboard?

Midi Controller Keyboard offers an excellent advantage for those who enjoy having fun with their music production software, playing synths through the computer or even hooking up sound modules and controlling them with a midi controller.

One can open up a new song of their choice and then they may add suitable software to load a grand piano. This USB midi controller keyboard will allow the user to play with the grand piano easily. Using the same keyboard of your personal computer may not provide the comfort level you are looking for.

Furthermore, the large keyboard of your computer will not be suitable when you opt to move from here to there. There are many options of midi keyboards available in the market and one can choose the best option at affordable prices.

However, while buying a midi controller keyboard; one needs to take care of the following issues as it will help them in attaining the best services at the best possible prices.

Considerations while Choosing a Midi Controller Keyboard.

Keyboard Controller:

MIDI programming is often completed with the help of a keyboard controller. A keyboard offers a user-friendly user-interface. Furthermore, almost all musicians and newbie are comfortable with using the format of a standard manual. It allows them to perform chordal and melodic parts with equal élan while they can easily carve out a new rhythmic pattern as per their choice.

The fun thing is unlike a standard keyboard. The Midi keyboard controllers do not create any noise. That is, there will be no disturbing sound while you play the music on your GarageBand.

Weighted or Non-Weighted Keyboard:

Every individual can have their own choice. A weighted keyboard is compatible to offer the exact feel of playing a real piano. The issue of weighed or non-weighed is essential as it represents the amount of effort the player will have to put for pushing down a key to produce the sound they desire.

A weighted keyboard allows the user to have the same feel as if he is playing a real grand piano, and they will have to put some effort into playing music. On the other hand, a non-weighted or free keyboard is also known as synth keyboard action, and these are more easily playable.

In the market, weighted keyboards are often costlier than non-weighted keyboards. Managing your music on a weighted keyboard may prove to be more comfortable.

Size of the Midi Controller Keyboard:

Another consideration while buying a Midi keyboard controller can be the size of the keyboard. One will have to decide how many keys they want. A grand piano contains 88 keys, but that doesn’t mean that you should opt for a keyboard controller with 88 keys.

It depends on the space available in your studio and the expertise you have for playing the piano. If there is enough space and if you feel that you are an expert and can produce excellent music for which you will need all keys of a piano, then you may opt for a sizeable Midi keyboard controller with all 88 keys.

Otherwise, there are many options of smaller keyboard controllers with 25, 37, 49, or 61 keys.


The Best MIDI Controller Keyboards are those which offer the freedom of connecting your keyboard controller via a USB. However, some MIDI controllers require MIDI ports as they do not connect with USB ports.

While opting to buy the latest and most appropriate Akai Midi Controller, you may look for options of USB or MIDI interface requirements for connecting your new Midi controller keyboard.

Buying your keyboard controller online can be a better option as it will allow you to choose the best gear available at the best possible prices.

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