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Best Midi Controller Review of 2019

I yet remember the day when I purchased my first MIDI controller keyboard. It was a massive wrong selection. I read lots of reviews and discussed with some professional for solving this problem. They suggested me some affordable price MIDI controller because I was just in the beginner level. But I didn’t want you to make that mistake. For that reason, I am sharing with you top ten MIDI controller model with a complete buying guideline.

MIDI or (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), and MIDI controllers, represent a revolution in how we perform, create, edit, mix and record music. It is even true with every passing day as computers become more powerful, compact and pervasive. At its core, the sound is analog. That is, sound influence can exist in endless combinations. It is necessary for sound to look like rich and unique, but it makes recording and transmitting much more difficult. That is where digitizing and MIDI come in. By breaking down sound into different qualities, along with by representing each with a number, we increase the ability to produce and transmit sounds in a way that would be pretty difficult were we working with endless possibilities.

Best Midi Controller

Because of the better functionality within the home or professional recording studio, midi keyboards have become widely used by electronic musicians, compositional producers, live performers, and hobbyists of all levels. MIDI controller keyboards offer hands on control over virtual instruments as well as synthesizers. Keyboards can provide many modern recording otherwise performance purposes. They can be used to trigger notes, program sounds, transmit musical data, or else create a customized collection of samples-onto assigned keys intended for playback.

Nowadays, it is quite easy for practically anyone to set up a home or small size professional recording studio with just a few pieces of musical equipment. As long as you have a working computer, some instrument, also a MIDI controller you can rock out. MIDI is a musical instrument which can give you lots of functionality for the sound mix, edit, record and much more. So it is quite essential and must need a musical instrument which may you searching for your home music or recording studio. In this article, you can get complete information what you required for the shop a best quality MIDI controller. Not only that, but I am also providing you top ten and massive selling MIDI controller model. I can also give you a short review of these models. For ensuring the best shop, I can also provide a brief buyer guideline. You can find the all significant facts what you need to know before buying a MIDI controller for your home or professional studio.

Product Name



Editorial Rating


18.4 pounds

41.3 x 6.3 x 15.1 inch

Editorial Choice

5 pounds

7 x 32 x 2.2 inch

9.3 pounds

10 x 40.4 x 2.8 inch

9.3 pounds

39 x 4.7 x 12.6 inch

7 pounds

32 x 10.5 x 3 inch

6.09 lbs

19.25" x 11.75" x 3.63"

6.4 pounds

9.6 x 32 x 3.7 inches

18 pounds

50.2 x 11 x 3.5 inches

1.1 pounds

7.1 x 12.5 x 1.8 inches

4.5 pounds

7.7 x 31.9 x 3 inches

There are certainly a lot of MIDI keyboard controllers in the current market. Buying the latest one can be a difficult job since you would have to go through the research along with inspection process. Good thing there are a lot of MIDI keyboard resources online. You just need to choose the suitable one from there. MIDI controller is now an essential musical instrument in the current music industry. So if you want to setup a professional level home recording studio, then a MIDI controller keyboard is most needed. You can find different types of MIDI controller on the market, but all do not provide your desired quality. For that reason, I can recommend you this Novation Impulse 61 USB MIDI controller keyboard with 61 keys.

Best Midi Controller


As of a visual point of view, these MIDI controllers are rather smart. It's gray, white and red color design is during 1980s teenager’s bedroom, other than the end-cheek fins is a modern looks option to yet additional Moog-wannabe wood structure. The placement, as well as spacing of controls, is in some way chunky or clear and extremely clear. The case comes out 100 percent plastic construction, also while you pick up an Impulse it flexes and creaks a little. And it feels like it will very last, though. Its top and bottom keys do not stick out further than the casework along with in use the whole thing feels firm and well build.


It is a synthesizer style action designed for certain, other than the feel is optimistic also there is significant resistance that creates playing consistently all over the velocity variety quite reasonable. Four helpful velocity curves are at present, and there is an alternative to turn velocity off entirely. You must know that design always plays a vital role in any product. Sometimes design directly affects the product performance. So before purchasing stuff, you must confirm that’s user-friendly design. My recommended Novation Impulse 61 USB MIDI controller keyboard with 61 keys also gives you a user-friendly design option.

Impulse 61 keyboards white keys provide an extra 3mm to 4mm of travel away from the keypad, along with aftertouch messages is generated within that variety of movement. Impulse 61 USB MIDI controllers little on and off, but by care smooth progression are possible. It makes after touch, other than you have to press on harder, and there is little sense of responsibility.

Ergonomic control

Impulse designs for providing you complete hands-on control with your music production software. Impulse 61 MIDI controller knobs, buttons, and faders provide you control over your DAW's edit with plug-in effects and instruments. The Automap control software design for exclusively toward connecting hardware controls to your music software yet VST/AU/RTAS effects and tools that do not come bundled through your DAW. The huge custom design LCD screen shows all relevant information regarding what you are controlling over this instrument. Impulse also has transport buttons, and that allows you to record, play, stop, the loop along with move forwards and backward using your software.

Drum Pads

Impulse 61 MIDI controller 8-drum pads are ideal for sketching beats as well as triggering samples, except they perform so much more. It’s all 8-pads designs with back-lit through multicolor LEDs that means they can step by arpeggiator sequences, helps you to twist and transform the pattern in actual time. There also has a beat roll facility that enables you to manage through drum patterns on the fly. As well to this, Impulse 61 drum pads can use to trigger for live performance. Impulse 61 lights up yellow if a clip is being loaded green if it is in performance and red if it is working to record.


  • Comprehensive DAW/plug-in control surface
  • Custom LCD screen always keep you status-savvy
  • First-class keyboard
  • thumbs-o-up
    Total 61 Keys
  • thumbs-o-up
    8 Backlit drum pads
  • thumbs-o-up
    9 Assignable buttons


  • Price is pretty much high

Almost all electronic piano keyboard functions have MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) controls. MIDI controllers use an interface to send data and receive data. Now, what is this data that’s sent or else received by these controls? Designs for the simplest type of keyboard, data would be sent at the moment you push a key on a keyboard. These signals would then determine the particular note that has been pressed along with the duration of the act or pressing down of the note. The period has to be recognized because the amount of time the key is being pressed down for has to be the same on the receiver or other keyboard sources. It is the initial process of MIDI controller keyboards. Now I can show you another remarkable MIDI model, and that is Alesis Q49 USB MIDI keyboard controller with 49 keys.


Significant performance

Whether you require chopping out some chords put down a bass channel, or else cut loose through a solo, the Alesis Q49 stands ready. The perceptive velocity keys capture all the touch of your MIDI controller playing. The Pitch, as well as Modulation wheels, can put in vibrato, twisting, or other modulation things to improve your performance. Use its Octave up also down keys to raising the keyboard range.


Price always plays a significant role when you are going to purchase any stuff. Considering of this matter, my recommended Alesis Q49 USB MIDI keyboard controller with 49 keys comes with a remarkably low price. You can get it under hundred dollars. If you just start your music editing studio then this the best option for you. But remember you can get lots of MIDI controller models who can offer less than hundred dollars. But all are not better quality MIDI controller or suitable for you. You need to do some research and then select a low-price model if your budget is not much high. I can advise you to buy this Alesis Q49 USB MIDI keyboard controller with 49 keys because of you can get lots of amazing feature at this low price.

Faster computer connection

You can get a single USB cable supply power to the Q49 along with a two-way data link toward your computer. It is that pretty simple process by remarkably fast. The Q49 contains Ableton Live Lite, and Ignite, with the inspiring music production software from AIR Music Technology consequently you can start creating music right away. If you did like, you could employ the 9V power input which is optional adapter and the MIDI controller output designed for stand-alone function.


  • Total 49 keys
  • Works with virtually all music software and MIDI hardware devices
  • Pitch- and modulation wheels
  • thumbs-o-up
    Ableton Live Lite and Alesis Edition are include
  • thumbs-o-up
    Octave up and down buttons
  • thumbs-o-up
    Backlit Octave Up and Down buttons expand your range


  • The keys are not touch-sensitive
  • It does not support external synth units

The main function of the MIDI on an electronic piano keyboard is actually to make a variety of sounds rather than just improving the quality of sound. That function is often chosen, as it enables the user to produce a variety of digital effects in the music he or she is playing on their MIDI controller. You can have effects like reverberation, delay, tremolo also the very common chorus effect. These effects help you to enhance the sound sensation of your music and therefore produce different registers of track in the listener. I know you are in here because of you can searching a MIDI controller keyboard. Now I can give you another model of MIDI controller. That is pretty affordable price, and you can get lots of features which are needed for more delightful performance. That is M-Audio code 49-key USB MIDI keyboard, and it comes with the black color design.



The M-Audio code 49-key USB MIDI keyboard controller designs with black and white color. The rainbow look that goes on through default approximately lower what would be a really smart looking controller keyboard. You can edit few of the LED colors. Other than, we all recognize how much entertaining that can be. Keyboard keys, as like the Axiom line I declare above feel good. That is a little low muddy than I consider the Axiom keys being, which is quite a good thing. It's 49 keys design with extremely responsive, though feeling durable and secure too. You can get a smooth feeling while using its keys. Its overall body built with plastic but it can give you much durable structure.


Flexible Knobs and faders

If you are a music producer or player, then you most likely are aware of how supportive anything flexible on a keyboard is. M-Audio code 49-key Code provides up 8 360 encoders toward direct virtual synth parameters with 9 faders to control the sound mixer in your DAW also more, 16-RGB velocity-sensitive trigger pads designed for drums as well as sample slices, transport controls, a XY pad designed for HID control with 9 assignable buttons that let you hand over controller keyboard hotkey in addition to MIDI messages. It really will turn into the interface in the direction of your entire studio and now by ASCII/HID keyboard shortcut commands you can map ordinary shortcuts like cut, paste, undo, etc. exact to a button on your playable controller keyboard.

Ableton Live Lite

As of employ the game changing the period view to building up an deal or else bang out a live position to using the more conventional one-page arrangement outlook. The Ableton Live lite covers by the spectrum in recent digital music production. Employ the well-known Ableton drum, instrument, as well as effect racks to acquire your music productions to a new level. Ensure to check out the better native studio effects including EQ, compression, delay, reverb, delay, chorus, reverb, chorus, and filter along with more or just use any of your 3rd party VST also AU instruments and sound effects. Ableton Live Lite is the ideal kick-start or else preview for those who desire to see what the whole Ableton live fuss is about.


  • 16 fully assignable backlit drum pads
  • Buttons are assignable to macro ASCII commands
  • Expression and Sustain pedal inputs
  • thumbs-o-up
    6-digit LED display
  • thumbs-o-up
    Total 49-keys
  • thumbs-o-up
    Affordable price
  • thumbs-o-up
    Sustain and volume pedal input for further creative control


  • Not for beginner
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