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Do you have studio monitor in your music studio? If, yes then you need best studio monitor stands for your studio monitor too. When setting up a music studio it is also a necessary part of your studio as this looks good and easy to control and support studio monitor with a stand. Now I will share some studio monitor reviews I used for my music studios. Happy reading.

Studio monitor stand is a supporting instrument what you need for flawless work while mixing or editing music in your home or professional studio. Sometimes it is quite necessary to put your monitor or speaker little bit higher from the floor. Studio monitor stands are giving you that facility to place or hold your speaker little higher from the studio floor. You may notice some studio design without any supportive instrumental. That kind of studio sets their all instrument in a table. But those studios may not work properly if you work for a long time or faster.

ZENY Set of 2 Studio Monitor Speaker Stands with Height Adjustable Pair in Black Color
Ultimate Support MS-9036B Professional MS Series Studio Monitor Stand with Non-marring Decoupling Pads

In this article, I will give you top ten studio monitor stands model with a proper review. You will also get a complete buyer guideline. That will need to know before purchase a studio monitor stand. I do a deep research and take some expert suggestion for making this list. The list contains low a to high range studio monitor stand. If you just start your musical career and need to decorate your studio, then I am recommending you to purchase a mid-range studio monitor stand. So I hope this content may help you to find a better quality monitor stand with affordable price range.

Product Name



Editorial Rating


3 pounds

3 x 3 x 52 inches

2.2 pounds

37 x 20 x 3 inches

35.3 pounds

36.1 x 11.6 x 5.5 inches

35 pounds

12 x 10 x 36 inches

27.3 pounds

10.2 x 10.2 x 36 inches

18 pounds

21 x 4 x 24 inches

25 pounds

12 x 10 x 32 inches

0.8 ounces

5.9 x 3.8 x 1 inches

21.6 pounds

33.9 x 23.4 x 5 inches

11 pounds

29.7 x 10.9 x 9.6 inches

Sometimes it is going quite difficult to find a proper monitor stand for place your monitor speaker in ideal height.  You may confuse when you are in the market for buying a stand. Because of there have hundreds of model from the dozens of brands. Which one is the best it will be the important question? For that reason, you need to do some research and make sure what type and which ranges stand did you need? If you need a high-quality and much durable with latest features studio monitor stand, then this is the right place for you.  I can recommend you this Ultimate support JS-MS70 model JamStands studio monitor stands.

Best Studio Monitor Stands

Ultimate support JS-MS70

You may have smaller size studio monitors which you want to set on stands the JS MS70 is the ideal solution. Its stable low-profile base can simply take position into small spaces as well as includes both leveling floor spikes design for carpeted areas also rubber feet design for hard-wood along with tile surfaces.

Its adjustable height feature helps you to adjust the exact height level what you want. Ultimate support JS-MS70 is designs with rubber feet for catch perfect gripe which also reduce the risk level. Amazingly you can get it with this price range. If your budget is not much high, then I can suggest you purchase this affordable price studio monitor stand.


  • Height-adjustable stand for studio monitors
  • Leveling floor spikes and rubber feet included
  • Locking pin ensures stable and accurate height positions
  • thumbs-o-up
    Low-profile base can easily place into tight spaces
  • thumbs-o-up
    Reasonable price


  • Not much durable

In the market, you can get the different category of studio monitor stand and with a different range. You have to choose one from them. But I know that is not an easy task. It is pretty much confusing while you are in a music store for purchase any instrument for your home or professional studio. Because of there have lots of collection with all latest offer. But it is also not a much difficult task too. In this article, I can guide you to find the best one from them which can provide all facility what you need from a studio monitor stand. Now I can recommend you this OnStage SMS6000 adjustable studio monitor stand.

OnStage SMS6000 Adjustable Studio Monitor Stand

Place right place for listening better sound

All similar reference monitors stand to have a major point, with unless your head is positioned directly over it, you do not hear your mix the technique it truly sounds. There are mainly two ways to confirm you are listing to the better sound during playback and relax your head on top of your desk in the direction of the level by your monitors, otherwise bring your studio monitors uprising to your ear level. Except you look onward on the way to early back failure, the latter is the chosen solution, along with these SMS6000 adjustable studio monitor stand are the ideal studio speaker placement instrument. Because that provides the flexible facility, you will able to sit through you are most comfortable as well as still hearing exact in the sound.

Place anywhere

Putting your monitor as too close to a wall otherwise, a corner can significantly twist its sound reproduction. The nearby wall can unusually boost bass frequencies with 3 dB, also corners with 6 dB. Though some studio monitors have a pretty complicated built-in room with compensation controls, and best on the way to not have problems toward recompense intended for in the primary place. By this set of studio monitor stands, you will have a complete position freedom in support of your speakers, independent of somewhere your desk otherwise any other furniture sits in your control room.

Easier and safest speaker support

Chances are your OnStage SMS6000 monitor stand represents an excellent investment, other than you won't have to consider twice regarding hidden them atop a pair of OnStage SMS6000s. These monitor stands are appropriate to support up to 100 lbs each one, along with the broad, triangular foot base is extremely sturdy though outstanding unobtrusive. That telescoping vertical stands lock keen on place through a steel pin, consequently yet at the full 52-inch extension, your monitor speakers will completely safe.

A place of clips just under the monitor also downs near the foot base hold your cables in a single channel, keep the presentation orderly with helping to avoid accidents. If you have still problem your foot on a free cable also seen your monitor move toward reducing down, you know accurately how helpful these small clips are.

The studio monitor stand has no-slip padding on the way to keep your monitor speakers in the right place. The padding gives some little vibration dampening, other than to make tighter up your mix, with add some isolation padding. Your sound will make much cleaner as well as more precise.


  • Steel, arc-welded construction
  • Attractive design with cable management
  • Triangular metal base with adjustable leveling spikes
  • thumbs-o-up
    Platform size 9-1/2" square
  • thumbs-o-up
    90 lbs weight capacity


  • Structure is not much durable

In the very beginning of your music career, you may face a lot of problem for choosing the proper musical instrument. You need to study a lot of reviews as well I am also suggesting you visit few music shops for practical experience. That may help you to gather some useful information about what you want to buy. But for now, I can suggest you buy this DR Pro DRPRO SMS1BKWood studio monitor stand. You can get it little bit higher range, but you can find pretty heaver experience while using.

DR Pro DRPRO SMS1BK Wood Studio Monitor Stand

Best foot bass support

DR Pro DRPRO SMS1BKWood studio monitor stand is the product which can offer the market best durable monitor stand. It is quite important to take much weight for making a proper and safer environment in your studio. Sometimes you may use much heavier studio monitor for top-quality sound. DR Pro DRPRO SMS1BKWood studio monitor stand takes the maximum weight as you need.

Best for professional range monitor stand

I can suggest you purchase this DR Pro DRPRO SMS1BKWood studio monitor stand because of professional grade standard. Lots of professional recording or music studio suggests this monitor stand for placing your monitor speaker.


  • Professional standard monitor stand
  • Top-quality foot bass design
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty
  • thumbs-o-up
    Designs for maximum weight handling capacity
  • thumbs-o-up
    Stylish design


  • Price is little bit high

Many people demand exceptionally high-quality and high-range product because they want maximum performance without any hassle. But you must know you need pay little high compare then an average range product. You can get both category products on the market. You have to decide which one you may buy and which one you leave. In this matter, I can recommend you this Ultimate support MS-90/36B professional MS series studio monitor stand. Its price is pretty much higher compare than other monitor stands. But you get every facility what you aspect from a monitor stand.

Ultimate Support MS-9036B Professional MS Series Studio Monitor Stand with Non-marring Decoupling Pads

The best studio monitor stands overview

The Ultimate support MS Series studio monitor stands offer remarkable innovation with strength designs for professional, project, also home studios equally. The MS-90/36 professional is a 36-inch tall monitor stand is a solution that gives surface decoupling by top mounted rubber decoupling pads along with spiked, rubber covered feet bass. There have three internal channels offer a choice to pass cables throughout the base of the monitor stand, though a larger internal channel helps you to add shot otherwise stand used for additional combination as well as weight. The Ultimate support MS-90/36 is available in two colors, and that’s red and black.

The latest Revision A models of that MS-90/36 and MS-90/45 helps the user to make bigger their stands with adding MS-80B Desktop Monitor Stands That helps users to increase the capabilities of their MS series monitor stands on the way to offer a wider range of place via with vertical angle adjustment. Moreover, Revision A model MS Series monitor stands to contain a sunken channel inside the top mounted monitor point holes which make it simple to set or adjust the angle of their monitor speaker also finds the ideal sweet spot.


  • Available in two heights
  • Ultimate support design
  • Sonic Isolation and decoupling
  • thumbs-o-up
    Three internal channels for cable and weight management
  • thumbs-o-up
    Weight handles capacity 75lbs or 34 kg


  • Price is pretty high

Ultimate Support is a well-known brand name for their exceptional top quality studio monitor stand. You may notice their quality of product and that features. But those come with pretty high-range. It is pretty standard for best product price must be little higher compare than an average range product. Now I am going to share with you a new Ultimate Support MS series studio monitor stand. That is Ultimate Support MS-100B studio monitor stand.

Ultimate Support MS-100B MS Series Professional Standard Column Studio Monitor Stand

Sonic Isolation and decoupling

Moreover, those entire three Ultimate Support MS Series studio monitor stands features with sonic isolation also decoupling components. That Ultimate Support MS-100 monitor stand offers acoustic foam or stabilising pads on the top point, that two rubber couplers among the column along with top also bottom bases, and point decoupling designs for the top as well as bottom base plates. Besides, the Ultimate Support MS-100 on the way to your studio also discovers what you have been absent in your sound mix.

Easily adjust the angle

The Ultimate Support MS-100 features with patent-pending technology and that design give you control over the angle as well as the axis of your studio monitors. Well tune the spot of your monitors intended for the ideal mix or else listening position through the turn of to the front-panel control. Also, you can easily angle your monitors up or down depends on your requirements.

Ultimate support design

All of Ultimate Support MS series studio monitor stands are built from the top-quality materials back with award-winning design to facilitate gives both forms with fashion. The professional studio owner will love the modern look whereas the expert engineer suggests the solid build with versatility.

Three internal cable channels with weight management

The Ultimate Support MS-100 offers three internal cable channels to facilitate run the length of that column. As a result of your studio remains clear of extra cables, and those two channels are designs for audio also power respectively. For extra stability, the bigger third channel can fill with shot or else sand.


  • Column constructed from rugged 6000-series aluminum
  • Fine-tune the angle and tilt of your studio monitors
  • Column features two internal cable channels
  • thumbs-o-up
    Sonic Isolation and decoupling
  • thumbs-o-up
    Ultimate support design


  • Price is pretty much high

In the market, you can get hundreds of studio monitor stands models from dozens of the brand. But all do not offer the maximum support and facility what you need. For that reason, I am suggesting you purchase this Gearlux studio monitor stand. You will get this fantastic monitor stand quite an affordable price compare than its remarkable benefits.

Gearlux Studio Monitor Stands


At the beginning of introducing of this product, I want to tell you first this stand has all features which ensure the maximum support and safety. Its safety lock system keeps your speaker safe, and you can place your monitor stand in secure position with a stable structure. All modern monitor stand mainly design with height adjustment facility. Gearlux studio monitor stand also features with this quality. You may adjust the ideal height what you need for getting better sound. And its padding ensures the benefits of no-slip support.


  • Padded base provides no-slip support
  • Safety lock keeps your speakers secure
  • Includes a pair of steel adjustable monitor stands
  • thumbs-o-up
    Four locking height adjustment positions
  • thumbs-o-up
    Stable three-point triangle base with optional leveling carpet spikes
  • thumbs-o-up
    Affordable price


  • Sometimes problem create in assembling time

Lots of people searching the standard looks product for their regular because of the unique or complex product may create a problem during use. For that reason, I am going to share with you this remarkable TransDeco speaker stand. It comes with quite an average price, and you can notice its simple looks. But it may give you the best support what you need.

TransDeco Speaker Stand 32-Inch


The design always establishes an important consideration when you may but any stuff for your regular use. A studio monitor stand is also that category of mechanism which you can use every day in your studio. It constructed with tempered glass through beveled edges along with heavy gauge steel by high gloss black finish. It also designs for adjusting the height level with the floor.


  • Includes soft pad for added security
  • Includes spike feet cover for hardwood floor protection
  • Elegant and beautiful designed speaker stand
  • thumbs-o-up
    Built-in wire management system
  • thumbs-o-up
    Maximum weight handles capacity 150 lbs


  • Flat bottom speaker can’t set correctly in this stand

At the beginning of your musical career, I want to tell you some fact and necessary instrument for your studio. A studio monitor stand is also quite an appropriate mechanism, but if you are in beginner level, then I can’t recommend this or you. Monitor stand is essential when you desire a comfortable environment for long time work. A studio monitor stand also provides better sound for its height level. Now I am recommending you this Harmony Audio HA-BKSPKS home audio studio monitor stand. It also features with adjustable height bookshelf speaker stand pair.

Harmony Audio HA-BKSPKS Home Audio Studio Monitor Stand with Adjustable Height Bookshelf Speaker Stand Pair

Adjustable height

Height adjusting or proper height level is one of the significant features of a studio monitor stand. My recommended Harmony Audio HA-BKSPKS home audio studio monitor stands features with incredible height adjustable facility. You may adjust your stand height for getting a better sound which can help you to mix or edit your audio sound.


  • Adjustable Height Range
  • Heavy Duty Tubular Steel Construction
  • Sturdy Three Leg Tripod Design for Stability
  • thumbs-o-up
    Bookshelf or Studio Monitor Speaker Stand Pair
  • thumbs-o-up
    Reasonable price


  • Height adjustment system is little complex

Lots of beginner musician are facing a lot of problem for getting the proper quality musical instrument. But it is not enough for getting the best musical instrument. You may also need some mechanism which can support that musical instrument. A studio monitor stand is that kind of supportive tool. It using for support or placing your monitor speaker in a standard height position what you need for the adequate sound. Today I can recommend you this ZENY set of 2-Studio monitor speaker stand with adjustable stand.

ZENY Set of 2 Studio Monitor Speaker Stands with Height Adjustable Pair in Black Color

Light-weight monitor stand

Less weight is giving you always an extra benefit for using the product more efficiently. ZENY set of 2-Studio monitor speaker stands designs with light-weight facility for extra comfort. It is quite easy to move this monitor stand one place to another for its light-weight.


The primary task of a studio monitor is to take the whole monitor speaker. ZENY set of 2-Studio monitor speaker stands designs with 9-inch by 9-inch top platform for a place any sizes studio monitor stand. Its foot bass is also giving you more stability what you desire.


  • Locking pin ensure the proper safety
  • 9-inch by 9-inch monitor stand platform
  • Light-weight monitor stand
  • thumbs-o-up
    Affordable price
  • thumbs-o-up
    Compact design


  • Few customer claims about its low quality

You must know I can give you top ten monitor stand model with brief detail. I can tell you this list or choose from the best one. You may get the low-range to high-range monitor stand from this list. Now I am going to show my last recommendation. And that is VideoSecu 2 Heavy-duty PA DJ club adjustable height satellite monitor stand.

VideoSecu 2 Heavy-duty PA DJ Club Adjustable Height Satellite Monitor Speaker Stand Mount

Stylish looks

Looks is always comes to the first impression for any product. But it also right design and look is not everything. You have to ensure both stylish designs with the better efficiency. My recommended VideoSecu 2 Heavy-duty PA DJ club adjustable height satellite monitor stand gives you both stylish look with better efficiency.

Better stability

Stability and balance are pretty much essential because of ensuring the complete safety. VideoSecu 2 Heavy-duty studio monitor stand foot bass design with broad support. That can help you to ensure extra safety while your studio monitor set in your monitor stand.


  • Stylish looks
  • Affordable price
  • Better stability
  • thumbs-o-up
    Height adjustable facility
  • thumbs-o-up
    A large top plate


  • Stands is not much durable

Buyer Guideline

Speakers are the means of a sound system. Therefore, well placement of your monitor speakers is essential if you desire to get clear sound from your speaker. Moreover, what better technique is there on the way to make sure your speakers are placing correctly than toward use studio monitor stands? What these monitor stands do is set a studio monitor on better listening height. Also, make sure that the foot bass tighten, efficiently making the sound quality better and cleaner. It also removes all vibration as well as floor distortions. I am already giving you top ten studio monitor stand model in the different range. Now I can tell you the proper guideline for purchase the best studio monitor stand from the market.  It is quite confusing to find a better quality monitor stand from this market where you may get hundreds of options. You need to know some terms before purchase a studio monitor stand. So follow my instruction for best monitor stand shopping.

Height adjustment

Height adjustment is now quite common and significant feature for studio monitor stand. My all recommended speaker stand model offers you this facility. An adequate height is much essential for better sound. If not understand then I am trying to tell us more briefly. Studio monitor stand can remove vibration as well as floor distortions that can provide better sound what you needed for sound mix and edit. Think you can mix your audio but your speaker placing on the floor. Then you may not get proper sound because of sound can bounce the lower side in your studio room. So it is quite important to place your monitor putting in an ideal height position for getting better sound with the vibration or floor distortions.

Stylish looks

Looks is always makes an important role when you shop anything for your regular use. But you must know looks are not everything. You have to consider both looks and efficiency of the product. In the matter of music studio, everyone tries to decorate all stylish looks instrument for making their studio in modern looks. You can easily get modern and stylish looks studio monitor which can give you desired performance. I am also giving you top ten monitor speaker model, and those are relatively stylish looks with effective. Some of them are the top-selling product for their outstanding looks.

Better durability and stability

Studio monitor stands divided into three parts. And those are a top plate, foot bass and middle monitor stand channel. A good size monitor stands top plate ensures how you can place your monitor on that stand. If your stand top plate is not much big, then you can face problem for putting your monitor. And also it is not much safe too. Now we talk about foot bass. The foot bass is a part which can take the entire weight and balance your stand. You must care about your monitor stand have enough size for ensuring proper stability. It lasts the middle channel. Central parts can also balance or handling the weight of your monitor. Some models are offering the internal cable system into this part. So that can help you to work more efficiently.

Price range

You must know the price is the key when you can shop any stuff for your daily needs. A studio monitor stand is a mechanism which is necessary for support or placing your monitor speaker. It required for getting better sound. You can get low-range to high-range monitor stand model in the market. But all are not giving you the best performance. You need to find the best one within your budget. It is not much difficult to get an average price better quality speaker stand. Even if you still can’t get that than I am suggesting you to follow my top selected list. You can get low-price to high-priced professional standard studio monitor stand in my list.

Light-weight and flexible

Light-weight and flexibility is another remarkable facility for any instrument. Sometimes you need to move your tool or shifting that one place to another. Another option is flexibility for using the stand with comfort.

Cable organization

All speaker designs with cable and some speaker design with a larger cable to get the long-distance power connection. Latest model studio speaker designs with cable organizer for making a better working environment in your recording or music studio. Usually, those cables organize into the monitor stand channel.

Final Verdict

In the last part of this article, I want to tell you to buy an average price studio monitor stand which can give all the facility what you need. I am already giving you top ten studio monitor stand model with the description. I do a deep research and take some expert suggestion for making this list. You can also get a detail buyer guideline for understanding the real facts before buying a studio monitor stand. I am sure that guidelines help you a lot for getting the best monitor stand from this competitive market.

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